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I offer an affordable consultancy service that you can book by the hour. Whether you have some burning questions about branding, need an in-depth brainstorm to overhaul your brand, or to start a whole new business - I can help transform your brand from perfect to sublime

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immersive branding

I'm passionate about branding as an immersive experience, to awaken the senses + soothe the soul. Branding is much more than just a logo. A successful brand has a unique personality that its customers adore. Most of the time, we decide to buy something because we feel emotionally connected to it. It is a want that feels like a need, similar to falling in love.

I can help you identify your target audience + create mesmerising aesthetics

+ a resonant voice that lead to authentic prosperity. You deserve to have a joyful business that makes your heart sing! 


The best way to understand my branding alchemy is to experience it. Celestial Symphony is my very own artisan fragrance house. Everything from branding + packaging design + photography + words, to product development + formulation, is created by me.


Infused with crystals + angelic light codes. Lovingly handmade in Cornwall. Artisan micro batch. 100% supernatural. Immerse in my poetic branding + discover angelic fragrant bliss!

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oceanic beloved

I feel very blessed to call Cornwall home. The poetry in my work is deeply inspired by the turquoise ocean + open sky of this mystical land. I believe in Heaven on Earth. I believe we can each manifest our own Heaven on Earth by doing what we love + being rewarded with abundance. Let's light up the world one heartfelt business at a time!