About Awen

Hello, I'm Awen. My name means divine inspiration. I'm destined to be your muse.


In my earthly masquerade, I'm a creative director + natural perfumer + cosmetic formulator + fine foods specialist + photographer + writer... It is easier to call me an alchemist. My seemingly diverse interests are really facets of the same diamond - I seek to express divine grace in sensuous form.


I spent a decade working in the luxury wellness + beauty industry; creating lovely things, occasionally bossing people around nicely. I was always a wild romantic one. I would host pizza picnics on the office floor, bake brownies for my sweet minions and give roses at meetings. I once horrified a posh store manager in Mayfair by showing up in a tutu to conduct brand training.


I won a few awards along the way and went to some cool parties. But the oceanic beloved was calling me to her shore, so I left the glitterati and settled down by the Cornish Sea. Nowadays I run my artisan fragrance house, Celestial Symphony, alongside Branding Alchemy + Soul Whispering. When I'm not making magic happen, I'm usually in the ocean or foraging for seafood on the beach. I still cook yummy lunch for my helpers at Celestial HQ.

Wait, wtf is Soul Whispering?


Soul Whispering is intuitive astrology + shadow work + coaching + energy healing, woven together in one sacred space. I offer these 1:1 sessions to help you understand your purpose + patterns in life. Using your birth chart as a guide, we explore how you may bloom your most vibrant soul expression in this lifetime. We also clear some karmic dust bunnies (blockages + trauma) so that you can manifest more easily.


Soul whispering is what I practise as a healer. You see, I have a gift of oracle, it actually comes in handy for branding too. I'm a modern mystic and I don't wear purple velvet! My face has been painted on a couple of oracle + tarot decks as The High Priestess, I'm far down the rabbithole. As long as I tuck in my wings, I think I blend in pretty well with the muggles.

I'm full of ideas and I would love to spark up your dreams. If you're reading this, we're meant to connect. Let's manifest!

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