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I feel so lucky that I get to meet a lot of incredible souls in my work.

You are brave + inspired, unafraid to venture off the beaten path.

The world needs your colours, and I'm honoured to help you

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The Chocolatier

I have known Awen both as a customer and as a friend. In the later capacity I asked Awen to help me with descriptions for my rebranded products, on the knowledge of her special ability to use the English language to create incredible stories.


She herself has created and successfully launched beautifully designed brands and products into the market, sold and marketed at some of the top department stores around the world. The products themselves are of prime formulation and have been used by A list celebrities.

Aneesh Popat, The Chocolatier
award-winning celebrity chef + chocolatier

Starseed Designs

It is an absolute honor to write this testimonial for Awen, who has worked as editor, website developer, and brand consultant for my company for over two years. 


During the time that Awen has spent working with me, she has supported the development and launch of several of my products, published works, and online platforms, with her skill as an editor, photographer, and administrative teacher. Her own background in product consulting has helped me grow my business exponentially, and I can now say that my website runs much more smoothly due to her shared expertise.

Awen is extremely professional, and always views my work with a very keen eye for detail. Awen also has this ability to take on complex instructions and work on them with absolute ease. She is extremely well organized and service oriented with a great ability to provide all kinds of advanced duties in a professional manner.

Danielle Noel, Starseed Designs
published author + acclaimed artist

Luxus Home Fragrance

Testimonial coming soon.

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